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Author: admin3 Subject: 90 Day Fiancee - Season 7
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90 Day Fiancee - Season 7

It is hard to imagine that 90 Day Fiance has already reached the 7th season, but it's true.
This topic is for season 7 information only. The show that details American men who become engaged to foreign women and begin the naturalization process through Fiance Visas has obviously caught the public eye. The show is full of romance, intrigue, family squabbles and more, hardly a boring moment.


SEASON 7 - 90 Day Fiancee

Emily & Sasha

Emily Larina (29, from Portland, Oregon) met Alexander 'Sasha' Larin (32, from Moscow, Russia) after she moved to Russia for a job teaching English, and joined a gym where Sasha worked as a personal trainer. She quickly fell for him and became pregnant, and they began their K1 journey, with Emily electing to have the baby in Russia so his father could be present at the birth. Their son David Aleksandrovich was born in November 2018. Emily will be Sasha's 3rd wife and baby David is his 3rd son. When the couple moves to the US, they face a constant confrontation with Emily's sister who does not trust that Sasha has good intentions about Emily due to his two failed marriages. The couple married in a beautiful ceremony on Oregon beach and now is residing in Portland, OR where Emily got a job.

Anna & Mursel

Anna Campisi (38, from Bellevue, Nebraska) met Mursel Mistanoglu (38, from Antalya, Turkey) on social media. Despite their language barrier, their romance blossomed. Four months after her trip to Turkey, he proposed. Although Anna is looking forward to getting a happily ever after with Mursel, his family doesn't know about her three children, and would never approve of her choice to have children out of wedlock. Eventually Anna told Mursel that she can not marry him if his family does not know about her children. After finding out about the children, his family requested Mursel to go back to Turkey and he left. However, he returned to the US still within the 90 days of his K-1 visa and married Anna.

Michael & Juliana

Michael Jessen (42, from Greenwich, Connecticut) met Juliana Custodio (23, from Goiania, Brazil) at a yacht party in Croatia. Michael travels a lot and lives a jetsetting lifestyle, and Juliana is working on launching her international modeling career. They immediately connected, fell in love, and applied for Juliana's tourist visa to come to America for the first time. Unfortunately, the couple was left devastated when her tourist visa to the US was denied. Her rejected application made Michael realize he wanted to spend his life with Juliana. He applied for her K1 Visa and looked forward to their future together in the US. However, his ex-wife and family has been concerned that Juliana has only seen pieces of his life, and is only in the relationship for a chance at a new life in America. Eventually Michael's ex-wife warms up to Juliana and becomes good friends with her. She even officiates Michael and Juliana's wedding.

Tania & Syngin

Tania Maduro (29, from Colchester, Connecticut) met Syngin Colchester (29, from Cape Town, South Africa) after flying to South Africa to meet another man she connected with on a dating app. When the original connection didn't work out, Tania struck up a flirty conversation with a bartender who ended up being Syngin and the rest is history. Following a memorable night together, Tania decided to stay in South Africa for four and a half months. The two are now ready to take the next step in their relationship and move to her home in Connecticut. However, when the couple begins living in a shed at her mother's house, they will realize their differences and question their future together. During the 90 days of Syngin's K-1 visa, Tania had to leave on a business trip to Costa Rica for a month which brought a lot of tension between them. However, eventually the couple went on to marry.

Robert & Anny

Robert Springs (41, from Winter Park, Florida) and Anny Francisco (31, from Santiago, Dominican Republic) talked every day for six months until Robert took a cruise with a stop in the Dominican Republic. After eight hours together, Robert proposed to Anny and applied for her K1 Visa. Although Robert sees a future with Anny, his full-time job and responsibilities as a single father of a five-year-old child have prevented him from purchasing an engagement ring and returning to the Dominican Republic to visit his fiancé. Despite a lot of negative interference from the grandmother of one of Robert's sons, Bryson, the couple got married. On July 28, 2020 Anny gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter named Brenda Aaliyah.

Blake & Jasmin

Blake Abelard (29, from Los Angeles, California) connected with Jasmin Lahtinen (27, from Helsinki, Finland) online. After taking a trip to Finland to meet Jasmin, the couple entered into an exclusive relationship, and during his second visit, he proposed. While Blake believes he and Jasmin are destined to be together, his friends and family can't ignore the fact that Jasmin's sister lives nearby after winning the green card lottery. Although Blake is in love, they suspect Jasmin could be using him to reunite with her sister. Jasmin does not show any interest in Blake's music. Blake's parents do not allow the couple to live together until they are married, so Jasmin has to live with Blake's parents, while he lives with his friends. Eventually they marry.

Mike & Natalie

Mike Youngquist (34, from Sequim, Washington) met Natalie Podiakova (35, from Kyiv, Ukraine) after Mike's best friend and Ukrainian wife played matchmaker, introducing Mike to the wife's best friend, Natalie, and the two started chatting online. Mike flew to Ukraine to meet Natalie in person and by the end of the trip, he was sold that she was the one. On a second trip meeting each other in Paris, Mike proposed in front of the Eiffel Tower. They have some pretty big differences – Natalie's vegetarian and Mike is not, Natalie is religious and Mike believes in aliens – but mostly, Mike is hoping that her being a city girl and him living a more rustic lifestyle won't get in the way of their relationship growing. After Natalie's K1 visa got delayed, Mike flew to Kyiv to spend some time with Natalie. However, their relationship took a bad turn during that visit. In January 2020, Natalie relocated to WA where she and Mike got married later.

Angela & Michael

Angela Deem (53, from Hazlehurst, Georgia) and Michael Ilesanmi (31, from Lagos, Nigeria) are returning from Seasons 2 and 3 of 90 Day Fiancee: Before the 90 Days. After initially breaking up at the end of Season 2, they reunited in Season 3. The reunion has since been a rollercoaster filled with lies, numerous arguments, financial theft, and probable infertility on Angela's part due to her age. Nonetheless, the couple celebrated an engagement party thrown by his family in Nigeria, and are seeking a K1 for Michael so they can get married in the United States in front of her mother. However, bad news come for the couple when Michael's visa is about to be denied. Angela flies to Nigeria and faces pressure from Michael's family to get married in Nigeria as well as negativity of Michael's friends. She leaves for the US without marrying Michael. They are still awaiting the final decision on Michael's visa. A notice from USCIS indicated Michael's K-1 visa would be denied, so Angela decided to marry him and re-apply for a spousal visa. On January 27, 2020, Michael married Angela in Nigeria in a ceremony chronicled by TLC cameras for later broadcast.

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