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Author: a_foreign_affair Subject: Can Someone Realy Find Love Abroad?
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posted on 01-27-2014 at 16:59 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Can Someone Realy Find Love Abroad?

Why do so many international women join international marriage agencies every year? Why do so many foreign women apply for a 90-Day Fiance Visa? What are they really after? Is it a way out of their homeland? An inmmigration greencard? Money?

Or is it something that simply eludes them in their own culture - a loving husband? Weigh in...

A lot of assumptions are made about both the men and the women in this process. If you believe half the stuff written on the bathroom wall of the Internet, or most media representations of so called ‘mail-order-brides” then the search for a foreign life-partner is no more than a futile exercise for the depraved and desperate. I assure you, the women whose profiles are posted at international marriage agencies are not poor urchins sitting in their mud huts waiting for the first Neanderthal to cross the Bering Straights, throw them over his shoulder and bring them back to America. And happily, most guys in the foreign-bride search are not socially dysfunctional sex tourists but rather genuine nice guys trying to find love and simply choosing to not limiting themselves to Cincinnati’s city limits.

We know that domestic guys try international dating to meet lovely, intelligent, feminine women they aren’t able to connect with here. We know they are here in the search because thus far they haven’t been able to find HER in their local options. But why are so many foreign women really here? What do they want – from us? I have asked hundreds of international ladies that exact question and their answers were marvelously consistent over the past ten years and thousands of miles of distance from city to city. In other words, a woman in Sumy, Ukraine in 2011 gave me the same answer as a lady from St. Pertersburg, Russia in 2001 – and countless others along the way.

If you ask one what she hopes for, she’ll simply say “I want everything I have now – plus the husband. That’s it. I have a job, a place to live that’s comfortable, a bank account. My child attends a nice school. I can pay my bills, buy some clothes and food without skimping too much. We go out on the weekends for a picnic or to a show. Sometimes we vacation somewhere in Europe for a few weeks. I am close to my friends and relatives. I like my life, my city, my country but I have no man. Life would be so much better with someone to love. So – I want all that I have right now, plus the husband and that’s what I want to get out of this.” This is what 99% of ladies who join an agency to meet a foreign guy will ask for.

Simple enough, right? Sure it is. And yet, as you will read in another article here, 90% of those same ladies will never meet anyone – because 90% of guys who write them will never get on the plane and go anywhere to meet them. And why is that? Because 90% of the men who write letters to foreign women, however genuine they may be at the beginning of their search, will talk themselves out of success because they’ve been brainwashed by the media for years: “Beautiful women do not fall in love with everyday Joe’s like you for perfectly legitimate reasons. You’re not rich enough, you’re not handsome enough, you’re not this, and you’re not that.” A lifetime of such negative messages is too powerful to overcome. Their brains have been to wired around that ugly, baseless paradigm.

We’ll address the roadblocks that prevent so many men from getting on a plane later. Here is where we stress that everything you’ve probably heard about foreign women and mail-order-brides is probably wrong and outdated. Most foreign women on dating sites are not poor, not destitute, and not desperate – they are fine and happy. They’re simply lonely, like you, after so many months or years of trying to find someone to love them and give their love to. You’ll read all over the Internet that the motives of foreign women seeking husbands abroad are not to be trusted. Remember what I wrote earlier – people fall in love every day all over the planet for perfectly valid reasons and no rule has ever been written that says you can’t give your love to someone from any other country on Earth. You need only remove the barriers imposed by an uneducated culture and a biased media – and get on the plane and go.


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