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Author: Albert1962 Subject: IMBRA And American Feminist Women Becoming Obsolete?

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Registered: 11-01-2006

posted on 02-20-2007 at 15:21 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
IMBRA And American Feminist Women Becoming Obsolete?

Check this article out. I think this gives more reasons why affluent American men might consider courting foreign women rather than American feminist women.

This article essentially confirms the validity of what many American men seeking foreign brides say about American feminist women - many of these feminists have become rather selfish, materialistic, superficial, immature, unloving and divorce-prone. As result, an increasing number of American men believe (that) feminist women are no longer worth the effort or the risk of courtship and marriage. It's as if, increasingly, American feminists are now being labeled with some invisible "scarlet letter" - a group of fringe dwellers to be avoided, ignored, belittled and certainly not worthy of any male protection or chivalry. Hence, a growing number of affluent American men are going overseas and walking into the loving arms of Asian or Russian brides.

The article also notes that many young American (feminist) women say that they want to be happily married and raise children SOMEDAY. However, to many, SOMEDAY means when they are in their late 30's or 40's when their biological clocks are fast approaching their end and many men do not want or need them. Thus, I believe many young women, through their care-free and exploitive lifestyle (as described in the article), are throwing away the best years of their life when they could have used that precious time to find someone who would love them for the rest of their days. What American feminist women often realize too late, when their looks and hopes have faded, is that lasting love is much more valuable and meaningful than a few more dollars in their pockets.
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